Artificial Turfs For Roofs

The markets are constantly evolving and this new product is becoming extremely popular for both commercial and domestic customers. Our range of roofing turfs can offer a beautiful modern finish to any property, as well as providing insulating benefits. Each project will be tailored to your property and specific measurements will be critically adhered to, which will result in a professional and unique surface to your roof. The science involved in installing artificial roof turfs has created a product which is easy to fit and requires no maintenance at all.

Newport Artificial Lawns can install roofing turfs to a huge range of buildings, from sheds, containers, school huts, residential homes and corporate offices. The diversity of our artificial roofing turf is what makes it so popular for customers. Turfing can be used to cover vents and other structural parts of which you may wish to cover up. Our aesthetically pleasing and functional product is available for you for at affordable and exceptional value for money.

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