We have a huge variety of products available for purchase and installation, and our newly formed partnership with Hedged In, we can now offer our customers the wonderful range of artificial hedge panels. These hedges can be tailored to your personal preferences and can be incorporated into various locations. The artificial  make up of every hedge panel ensures a durable and long lasting product all year round.

Boxwood – 50cm x 50cm

Boxwood Deluxe – 50cm x 50cm

Boxwood Pink – 50cm x 50cm

Clover – 50cm x 50cm

Five Star – 50cm x 50cm

Floral – 50cm x 50cm

Foliage – 50cm x 50cm

Ivy Bush – 50cm x 50cm

Ivy Deluxe – 50cm x 50cm

Ivy Leaf – 50cm x 50cm

Mixed Plants – 50cm x 50cm

Mixed Plants with Flowers – 50cm x 50cm

White Blossom – 50cm x 50cm