Frequently Asked Questions

What is Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass is a product which has been in the market for quite some time, however is now finally taking off and more and more people and realising its benefits. It is a artificial turk which is laid down, and fitted similarly to laying carpet.

The grass is made up from a nylon and synthectic compound, which is waterproof, extremely durable, safer than normal grass and a lot more cleaner. It requires incredibly low maintainence and the best bit about it, is no matter what weather it is exposed to, it will maintain the same colour and look beautiful all year round!

Will it work for me?

The great thing about artificial grass, is anybody can have it. It works in both indoors and outdoor spaces, no matter how big or small the space is and delivers the same purpose all year round. Due to its compositon of nylon and synthetic it means the lawn can be designed with any patterns and then produced as a single layer of turf, which is pre-checked to fit the intended space.

Can I add my own design to it?

Yes! We can work with businesses and incorporate logos and custom patterns and designs into your product. The unique surface available for indoor and outdoor spaces, create a professional impression, and with business brands also added to the designs it adds to the executive look you want to achieve.

How long does it take to fit?

Our team work efficiently, however will not rush and sacarfice quality in order to complete a quicker job. A standard square garden can be completely finished in half a day’s work, depending on the original surface we are dealing with. If the foundations require more work it will increase the time. Also for more complexed outskirt borders, our fitters usual will take more time to make sure the grass is fitted at the highest quality.

Will you travel?

Yes we will travel, we cover the whole of the South Wales area and will do our best to meet your needs if you are a bit further away. Get in touch via our contact page, and we can give you an on-the-spot answer.

Is it appropriate for sensitive skin types?

 All of our grass meets Gorilla Grass standards, and has been scientifically tested to be suitable for nearly skin types. The grass is suitable for young babies and pets, so you relax when you are outdoors enjoying your garden like you should be!

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